Mozilla today officially launched Firefox Send, a free, encrypted file-transfer service that allows web users to share files up to 2.5 GB in size through the browser, while protecting them with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires to keep the shared files private.

Firefox Send - Free, Encrypted File-sharing Service

How To Use Firefox Send

To use Firefox Send, visits the Firefox Send website, uploads the files you want to share with other and sets an expiration period — a design choice seemingly inspired by Snapchat and its concepts around ephemerality. You also can opt to have the files protected with a password before sending.

How To Use Firefox Send

Why Choose Firefox Send and Why Not

Mozilla's Firefox Send hardly brings new design trends or innovating features, but it’s simple to use and feels more comfortable than other online file sharing services. While other services like WeTransfer give you more space without any required signup (2GB), a number of their features are typically locked behind a paid service. The account-based version of Firefox Send is more versatile, and for free.

How To Use Firefox Send

Watch: Firefox Send Lets You Share Large Files in One Step

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